Thursday, September 4, 2008

Really Amazing Video

Here's a video I found that someone had posted to the Something Awful forums recently. The first part is really cool it's like some shamanistic song-language or something. I won't pretend that I understand what she goes through, but it sort of opened my eyes the ways in which I had previously understood both human-to-human and human-to-environment interactions.

While the first five or so minutes obviously came across as music to me, and there's no doubt that the "hurr music is a language onto itself" argument could be brought up here, her message is actually almost entirely in opposition to that.

It's not really that "deep" or anything but it's important to realize how closed minded it is to look at things from the perspective of cut and dry right and wrongs, even in terms of making music, when it comes to how one deals with thing things both in and out of their control.

It's totally rad when she sits down at her computer and seems to type entirely at random. Her typing is completely devoid of the normal type-pacing (I don't know how else to describle) that occurs when someone is using a keyboard, but nevertheless, the computer ends up speaking for her. It was kind of shocking to me since I assumed it was just another instance of her simply interacting with her environment.

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