Saturday, February 28, 2009

Friday, February 27, 2009

Hudson Mohawke - OOOPS!!!

Can I tell you a secret? I love this song. I don't know why. It's a little embarrassing, I know. But I've seriously listened to it at least 20 times today. And it's like 10am. I mean, let's be real, it's obviously the best (maybe the only?) song about masturbating to your own image ever laid to record. THE NARCISSISM RIDES HIGH WITH THIS ONE. The original was by some B list R&B singer I've never heard of. It features Missy Elliot, who you can hear on this remix as well. Like I said, I don't usually listen to stuff like this, but this is just too infectious.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Song

Here's a demo of a new song I put together in Ableton with a MicroKorg and my voice. Youtube was giving me trouble with uploading so I went with Vimeo instead. Let me know if there are problems with loading the player.

Variation on a Theme from Alan Hirsch on Vimeo.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hercules and Love Affair in Oscar Commercial R.A.N.T.

Did anyone else see that commercial for the Oscars with the fucking HERCULES AND LOVE AFFAIR song in it during LOST last night? What a great song that is. I remember dragging my friends to see them live on Halloween. Of course it all blew up in my face in spectacular fashion, but I got to hear them do that song and it made it all worthwhile.

Here's the song from the commercial:

It makes me wonder though. What's with the things I like becoming more universally accepted in popular media? I mean, first 3-6 mafia wins an oscar and now this! But seriously, it's not like I'm gonna watch the fucking Oscars.

Still, look at the Grammys this year, they got like Daft Punk and Radiohead and there was even a rumor going around that fucking Brian Chippendale was going to play with Lee "Scratch" Perry during the ceremony. THAT I would have watched for. Of course they got it all wrong in the end. I don't know who won most of the awards but I saw that Radiohead did in fact win one for In Rainbows. FOR THE FUCKING PACKAGING. I mean, does no one else see the irony in the fact that they won an award for packaging (which may be good, I've never actually seen the cd or vinyl for it) of an album they purposely released FOR FREE as an online download?

Maybe I'm getting it all wrong. Or maybe I'm deluding myself to the fact that my tastes are getting more mainstream? I don't know whether to be excited that songs I genuinely like are being used in commercials or not. But you've got to pick your battles. The music I like these days, it's not about a message of staying true and never selling out. But still. Should I feel better that I recognized a song I like, which 95% of other viewers probably didn't recognize, in a commercial for what is probably the second most commercially excessive annual event behind the Superbowl?

Well, whatever the case, at least we can all rejoice that we've got Hercules and Love Affair, Justice and Of Montreal in our commercials instead of the Lou Bega and Ricky Martins of 10 years ago.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Royksopp Single and AWESOME Remix

Man I'm such a bum. I compiled all these hilarious images to make V-day macros but I never got around to it. I'll just blame it on the fact that for some odd reason the only program that's locked on my work computer is MSPaint. Image macros are so 2003 anyway. Perhaps, over time, all of the pics will be posted. In fact, here's one now!:

maybe the caption could have been something like: "To my favorite drama teacher. Don't listen to the other kids, your hair looks great, now you'll have to let me to go work on that other patch of hair.... HAPPY V-DAY!!!!!"

Anyway, what I really came here to post is the new Royksopp single and an accompanying remix by Boys Noize. Chances are if you're into Royksopp you've already heard this. Pretty fun track, seems primed for a commercial though.

Here's the original:

Here's the Boys Noize remix. I love this remix. It seems to be getting a fair amount of hate on youtube, but whatever. I think it's great. It's so fucking grimy. I especially love the semi-uncontrollable synth at the end. It's like the DJ can control some of the sound parameters, but a lot is left up to randomization. It's not just random acid melodies either, it's something... different. It has it's own will and Boys Noize is attempting to break it.

Anddddd holy shit! Look at that. while grabbing the last link, I found a Datasette remix of the track too! God I love youtube.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentines Week 1

I couldn't get online at all last night to post anything. Here's my first crappy attempt at humor. I know, the pictures are much funnier than the text, but at least I'm trying. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? (if you click on it you can read the text more easily)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentine's Week Extravaganza

I am proud to announce that Bong Party will be hosting a Valentine's Week Extravaganza. From today until V Day, I'll be posting a series of image macro Valentine's Day cards based on pictures of love I've found on the Internet.

I've almost always celebrated Valentine's Day alone. As a child, my parents would give me candy and X-Men cards as a sign of their love for me. The first time I saw one of these image macro Valentine's Day cards was in my freshman year of college. I was so enamored with this card that I posted copies of it all around Hagerstown Hall. Here's a copy of that image:

I did not make that image macro but I absolutely love it. It's really come to define Valentine's Day for me. My next post, which I will make later tonight, will contain the first in my series of original Valentine's Day cards. I welcome contributions. Please send them to - I'll definitely put them up. Everything is welcome, although if you're going to use hardcore porn, it has to be funny or else I'm not going to bother putting it up.

Hey, if R. Crumb got his start designing cards for Hallmark, I'll gladly follow in his footsteps.


Who says MS Paint isn't a viable medium for art?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Oldie but goodie

This is an old standby as requested by my buddy Tom "Rockhard" Rockwell (that is in no way a reference to his cock) ((or is it????)).

Anyway, here's the Godess Bunny:

Does anyone else think her tap dancing sounds like sloppy sex?


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dancing Guidos

THIS IS THE REASON ELECTRONIC MUSIC HAS SUCH A BAD REPUTATION AMONG THE UNINITIATED. Just look at these tools. They're like the real life Beaver Boys. At least that girl in the bikini is fucking with them. (I think?)