Thursday, January 22, 2009


This is the first post in a new series I'm starting on hobbies. You may be thinking to yourself; Alan, your life must be pretty miserable if your hobby is blogging about hobbies. That's where you're wrong. While blogging about hobbies may be considered a hobby, I would never do it during my free time. Instead, I only do it while I'm supposed to be working (at work). I recognize, however, that most of you don't have the luxury to blog about hobbies at work. Therefore, I present you with some hobbies you may want to consider taking up.

This image represents the stress that occurs from office work:

People need a way to unwind, and reduce those stress levels. It used to be that you could count on your television to take take of that for you. However, with the exception of a few shows, this has got to be one of the worst decades for TV shows ever. Video games are at an all time high, but unless you're really really good at playing them online, you're almost always going to walk away feeling disappointed, like you could have spent your time doing something more productive. That's why it's important to find hobbies that are both fun and can provide you with a smug sense of self-satisfaction thereby making your otherwise pointless life more meaningful.

Here's an example of someone who really understands how to make a hobby work for himself:

This Urban Grandma-Thug recognizes that he only has so many hours in the day, as such, if he wants to really become adept at knitting, he needs to practice during all his free hours. Looks like it's been paying off, doesn't it?

Drawing is a great hobby too. Here's an awesome drawing:

Drawings like that take time effort. They don't happen over night. Once you learn to draw you can start selling your drawings for drug money, which you can use to make better and better drawings until you can do stuff like this:

The hobbies I've been describing so far are fairly personal, but some people take up hobbies that are selfless. Of course we all know that people who do things for other people only do it because it makes them look important/feel better about themselves.

Here's an example an illegal immigrant being secretly transported over the border to be reunited with his family:

Notice how the driver (whose hobby it is to reunite illegals with their families) is not shown. His selfless act is more about those around him than it is about himself. Or at least that's what he wants you to believe.

IF people actually read my blog, I'd ask them to comment on their own hobbies, or at least talk down to me about how the economy isn't strong enough to support hobbies right now. But alas, according to Google Analytics, no one will read this.

BONUS!!! monkeys who like monkeys hobby pic:

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