Wednesday, December 10, 2008

God I love this song

Man I know this song is kind of old but it's just so good.

I love Crystal Castles' aesthetic. I heard the one guy is using an Atari chipset as an oscillator on his main synth. I wish I knew how to do that stuff. I wonder if Kath sings on this, since it's obviously not Alice Glass. It kind of reminds me of a really great Secret Mommy song that I'll try and dig up later. Alice Glass is OK when they really chop her voice up. On the other songs she's a little to screamy for me. I like it well enough I guess, like telling myself cough syrup tastes good. It does, I guess, but does it really?

Oh man I think I was wrong. I just found this video, which is awesome and totally legitamizes Alice Glass' singing style:

Here's the Secret Mommy track I was refering to:

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