Monday, August 25, 2008

The Dead Texan

I was in Philly this weekend, they have a lot of cool record stores there. I was gonna buy And Their Refinement of the Decline by Stars of the Lid on vinyl, but then I found this cd/dvd from something called The Dead Texan which is a collaboration of Adam Wiltzie of Stars of the Lid and Christina Vantzos.

The songs are great, they're like shorter and more direct but just as ambient/epic as anything by Stars, but the videos are really what makes it. Theres a video for each tracks and they are really just amazing. They totally capture the feel of the music, simultaneously lo-fi, personal, and utterly grand in scope.

Heres some clips of the stuff that I could find on youtube. If you're into Stars of the Lid at all and/or like watching music videos, I highly recommend you go to Kranky's (that's the record label) website and buy this right away.

Aegina Airlines

The Six Million Dollar Sandwhich (this one's so awesome on a big screen)

The Struggle

And now, to lighten things up a little bit, here's something funny from one of my favorite youtube contributors:

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