Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Taco Bell Commercials

In an effort to keep this from being an entirely music focused blog, I'm going to post several classic Taco Bell commercials from throughout the ages. I was never a big fan of the chihuahua, although the phrase "Yo Quiero Taco Bell" is one of the most important cultural memes of our era. However, I won't be posting any of those commercials as they are really notably unblogworthy. I also won't be posting any Taco Bell commercials from the past 5 years as I don't remember any that were actually funny enough.

This guy really quiero'ed Taco Bell:

Also, I seem to remember a mythic golden age of late '90s early '00s Taco Bell commercials that I remember as being the best/funniest commercials ever. Unfortunately I can't seem to remember what any of them were about, nor can I find any of them online. Perhaps I was at an age where I was misjudging the quality of certain things in my life. If anyone can think of any of the one's I might be partially remembering please let me know. BONUS PICS OF ME AND MY FRIENDS EATING AT TBELL AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST!!!!!

This one is the best by far, I wonder if Santa's laughing like that because he thinks he used logic to trick you into going to taco bell twice a week or because of something much more sinister...:

The description says it all - It was the year 1995 - Taco Bell rolled out the Double Decker Taco, and this made Shaq and Hakeem homosexuals.:

This one has a song by a wannabe Huey Lewis and the News EVERYBODY LOVES TACOs:

Here is truly a WTF TBell Commercial. There are so many things wrong with it. Seafood taco salad, discount Corningware bowl, that guys face????:

This is the least noteworthy but I just really love the song:

Here's me getting my Taco Bell at a rest stop on the way home from our Youth Gathering Retreat:

These are my friends from the retreat, for some reason they wouldn't let me sit with them or brush my teeth on the floor of Taco Bell even though they did:

Seriously though, I can tell you what is ostensibly going on in that picture, but there's got to be something else to it.

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