Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Synth's are great, I really want one. Here's something awesome you can do if you have one:

So ONEIDA's got a new CD (look for my review either later today or tomorrow depending on afternon work) that just came out called Preteen Weaponry. I think it has something to do with those kids who fake like they want it from men on the internet and then trap them with this guy who looks like Bacon kind of.

Since I haven't really figured out the whole hosting of MP3s thing yet, and I'm at work so I don't have access to them anyway, I'll post files of a bit of the new stuff when I get a chance. For now enjoy some more awesome synth work.

Here's a rad Oneida song and a song by SUICIDE which I only recently found out about through Pitchfork, (remember when it used to be cool/acceptable to admit that you found about a band/artist through Pitchfork?)

Bonus points for Harry Potter on Keyboard - but seriously that guy is SICK.

I totally broke my sunglasses the other day at Todd Norris' wedding reception.. I might get a pair the one's the guy is wearing in this video.

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Ian said...

check out the "The Screamers" for some old school synth-punk. There's some on http://www.missingtoof.com.